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The Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP)

seeks to promote financial wellness and to encourage you 
to begin your financial journey on good footing.

In this My Banking Orientation you will:

Register for 
to earn the “Pioneer Badge”


Complete the 
“Getting Paid and Save” 
created by America Saves.


Sign up for a 
New Bank Account 
choose to use your 
Existing Bank Account

Step 1:

Sign into LifeCents

You can complete all the MBSYEP requirements in LifeCents, including:

1. "Getting Paid and Save" created by America Saves, and 

2. Sign up for a new bank account and/or choose your existing bank account. 

If you get lost, you can always refer back to this page for more direct links 
to the places you need to go.

Sign Up, and complete the the first Goal in LifeCents™. 

Be sure to check your email regularly for prizes, rewards, further instructions, and updates.

http://geminet.com/wordpress/wp-admin/ Remember, you can also complete the "Getting Paid and Save" portion of MBSYEP within LifeCents.

Already have an account?

Way to go!

Use your existing account 
to deposit your summer earnings! 
You’re almost done…. 

Complete the first two go to link  MBSYEP Goals 
in Lifecents™  then go to  http://ccs-fl.org/ccscorp/privacy-policy SYEP YOUTH PORTAL

Do you need an account?

We can help!

We are happy to help you 
begin setting up 
your financial future. 

Bank on DC can offer you an account 
with no monthly fees and free use of 
over 150 ATMs in District.

Step 3:

Click on a credit union logo below to apply for an account.

District Government Employees 
Federal Credit Union

*Note: If you are under the age of 18, 
you will need to apply here.

Federal Credit Union

*Under 18? Click here to read frequently asked questions about opening an account.

Find Free ATMs Near You

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