What We Do

Partner with banks and credit unions to offer Bank on DC accounts which have low minimum balance requirements, and no or low-cost monthly fees.

Connect people with financial institutions and services to enable financial capability in our community.

Help employers cut payroll costs by enrolling more employees in direct deposit.

Avoid Paying the Cost of Check Cashing Fees by Opening a Bank on DC Account

Why spend hundreds of dollars a year at a check-cashing company when you can deposit your money for free and pay your bills at no additional cost? Today, everybody can get a bank account. Even if you’ve had problems with an account in the past, or have never had an account before.

What is a Bank on DC Account?

Unlock other accounts, Bank on DC:

​Saves you money with…

  • Free to low-cost accounts
  • Low to no monthly fees
  • Offers a second chance

    You can get a Bank on DC ‘Second Chance Account’ that accepts people in ChexSystems

    Accepts foreign IDs

    You can get a Bank on DC account with secondary forms of ID as primary identification to open a bank account (e.g. Ecuadorian, Mexican, El Salvadorian identification)

    Our Financial Partners
    These banks and financial institutions offer Bank on DC products

    Agriculture FCU: (202) 479-2270, https://www.agfed.org/

    Amalgamated Bank*: (800) 662-0860, https://www.amalgamatedbank.com/

    Chase: (800) 935-9935, https://www.chase.com/

    Democracy FCU*: (202) 488-5400, https://democracyfcu.org/

    District Government Employees FCU*: (877) 784-5551, https://dgefcu.org/

    Industrial Bank: (202) 722-2000, https://www.industrial-bank.com/

    PNC Bank*: (888) 762-2265, https://www.pnc.com/en/personal-banking.html

    United Bank*: (800) 327-9862, https://www.bankwithunited.com/washington-dc

    Wells Fargo: (800) 869-3557, https://www.wellsfargo.com/

    How Do I Open a Bank on DC Account?

    It’s EASY to open a Bank on DC account! To open your bank account by visiting a participating bank or credit union, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Find a participating bank or credit union in your neighborhood. Look for the Bank on DC sign at a bank or credit union in your community. 

    Step 2: Ask them about opening an account through Bank on DC. Our financial partners have designed special banking programs just for you. They’ll answer your questions and help you open an account that best serves your needs.

    Step 3: Remember to bring some identification. Our participating financial institutions You don’t need a Social Security number, but you will need a passport, District of Columbia ID, Mexican Matricula card, or Guatemalan Consular identification card. And most bank will request a second form of ID, not including cell phone bills.

    Step 4: Open your new bank account. The persona at the bank will walk you through the entire process. And they can even sign you up for free money management training classes to help you get the most from your bank account.